About Extera

Based in Goshen, NY, we are a husband and wife team that thrives on creating amazing experiences for our customers. With over a decade of building experience and involvement in commercial and industrial projects, we have worked with renowned Architects and designers for an exacting clientele. Throughout this time, we have honed our craft and skills to bring robust commercial building systems to the residential sector for homeowners. We strive for amazing customer experiences…a stunning home is just a byproduct.

Our Process:

As certified home inspectors we use the latest building science practices in order to optimize your home. It all starts with a thorough inspection report where we use our expertise to diagnose any potential issues. We promise not to sell or up-charge you for services that you do not need. At your request we present you with a quote that uses good-better-best material packages so you can pick a package that fits your budget.

Getting to know you and your home

At our initial meeting, we will discuss the condition of your home, come up with a landscape protection plan, and ensure safety is #1.


Take advantage of our free in-house design services. We assist you with the design process by using our 3D modeling software to show you different color options.

Production & Installation

OSHA certified Safety manager supervises the crew and makes sure your property is protected from damage and accidents.

The Finishing Touches

We will not ask for final payment until the project is complete and a final inspection is conducted. We will not leave until you are 100% satisfied.

Our Quality 

At Extera, we understand that exterior design leaves a lasting first impression. We take pride in our work, at the end of your project you will receive a 15 year warranty certificate. An EXTERA roof is absolutely guaranteed, every time, any reason, or we’ll make it right.

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